Monday, 31 December 2012

Some Things Haven't Changed Despite The Years

2013 will be a bad year for the fat wallet Tories in N W Leicestershire and rightly so. Their party is in turmoil and infighting is causing problems for their top tier. They have no answer to Labour who have no answer to anything and will be fielding a bunch of second raters in May. The fact that the electorate are largely ignorant of the candidates and too lazy to find out is Labour's strongest, in fact only policy. Definate losers will be in Forest & Measham, Ibstock & Appleby and extemely likely Whitwick & Thringstone Thank you both for your Christmas cards but I know you are heathen bastards grovelling for my vote so you have no chance of that. 1987 revisited but with Labour taking seats back and achieving absolutely nothing again, just as in the previous 33 years under them.

Steadfast Trust - New Years Message

The Steadfast Trust would like to thank all its supporters and volunteers for their giant efforts in 2012.
Every year steady progress is being made and this can be measured in many ways, the principle way being how your financial support is used to benefit the English Community.

Grants Given in 2012
This year nearly £5000 has gone towards grant giving activities and below a brief review is given.
English Cultural Events - £2580

While many events around the nation have suffered collapse with the economic hardships we all face, the Steadfast Trust has helped to ensure that those specific to the cultural needs of the English are given support. Chief among these is the West Brom St George Day Parade which received the largest grant for 2012 of £2000.

The charity was also contacted by the highly respected English Musical Festival and gave £500 towards their excellent work. Finally a formal St Edmunds Night – commemorating the Saint of the English ‘St Edmund’ was assisted with a grant of £80.
English Community Groups - £1222
The English Community Group (Leicester) was approved a number of grants throughout the year totalling £1222 for numerous activities including the first ever ‘English Awareness Questionnaire’ to 5000 households

Such work by the ECG(L) is helping to raise awareness of the concerns that the English have as well as providing a template for those interested in setting up their own ECGs elsewhere in the country.

Anglo-Saxon Storytellers - £1035

Over 500 children from Sussex to Yorkshire were given the opportunity to face an actual Anglo-Saxon storyteller complete with full costume, who then entertained the children with the weaponry, language and stories of their ancestral past.

Cultural Books for Schools - £0

While £0 was given in grants in terms of direct Cultural Books for Schools grants, the charity does now equip all Anglo-Saxon storytellers it funds with free books and posters to donate to the schools they visit on our behalf.
Without us all raising awareness of the charities work and digging deep into our own pockets, the Steadfast Trust wouldn’t exist, so here is some information about our fundraising activities that may interest you.


In 2012 you donated £2025.75 to the Steadfast Trust using this online charity donation website.

In fact two weeks ago £125, inc gift aid, was donated by a ‘Mark H’ (the charity has a policy of keeping last names confidential) and on the 19th March 2012 the largest single donation ever given to the Trust, totalling £750 was made by a ‘Phil H’. The charity would like to offer a special thank you to the extraordinary generosity of these two supporters.


The charity now has ‘12’ items for sale ranging from clothing / books / jewellery / posters / CDs / etc… and we have had sales of well over £500, and therefore we shall seek to further expand this in 2013.

You can view and purchase our items from the link below, and know that from your purchase the charity prospers
Fundraising Events / Stalls

The best way to promote the charity with the general public is through activities such as Stalls, throughout the year several of these are held, and recently the Steadfast Trust held a stall at the prestigious Sissinghurst Castle organised by the National Trust.

Other fundraising activities include the Raffle held during the St Edmunds Night which made over £80 for the charity.

Mass emails
Since the very end of May 2012 the Trustees of the charity approved the hiring of a cheap (approx £200) mass emailing system that enables the charity to email its supporters as well as record those that are opened, and any clicked links within the message.

Since then the charity has been able to email its supporters on any events and activities that may take your interest. Prior to this email, over 10,500 emails have been opened by you, our supporters, and while it is difficult to prove a direct link – many Merchandise purchasers and mycharitypage donations have taken place shortly after the dispatched email.

In July 2012 the Trustees decided to move its News and Updates to the charity Facebook page. The reason for this is that it offers a far more interactive means of communicating with the Trusts ever increasing support base. Also supporters can register their approval of particular news event by ‘Liking’ them while also leaving valuable comments which will always be taken onboard.

Within six months the page has 531 likes which means that these people are made aware of any items we put online and can comment freely. As well as this the administrators are given statistics on news items allowing us to improve our message.

We would like 2013 to be the year that we as a community lay the foundations for a stronger charity and there are a number of ways in which this can be done. One area will be to ‘recruit’ addition trustees and news item content s_ubmitters to the charity.
This can be a slow process, particularly regarding Trustees since its important to be acuity aware that as a charity we are ‘ethnic specific’ and therefore legally bound to act for the interests of the English people, the charitable objectives are the prime focus and involvement on campaigning issues outside the objectives risks de-registration…also having the available time and resource is needed but these challengers will be met. In addition, April 2013 will be the financial time when the charity must submit its accounts and there is considerable hope that the Steadfast Trust will breach the £10,000 income barrier which will place the ‘only charity for the English’ in a higher category within the Charity Commission.
Thank you so much for your support throughout the year, we still have a great deal to do, but together we can make 2013 the most successful year ‘for urum peode’

Waes Hael


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