Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Is it still okay to hate the Germans?

With hate crime being just about the only crime the police take seriously these days, the thought that I was thoroughly brainwashed by The Victor comic as a lad left me considering the length of jail sentence I would get if I said I hate the Germans. Then I would have to own up and say I also hate the Japs, or nips, as they were often referred to in the war stories that turned me into a prospective bloodthirsty killer of the Hun. Of course in reality I don't even know any Germans or Japs so for being a disturbed individual with a passion for placing a bayonet into their ribs the blame sits squarely on the Victor. I now await the advert on tv which informs me of my right to claim thousands of pounds in compensation for the damage done to my mind. In the meantime though I must claim to still hate both sets of people otherwise I will not be elegible for the loot when the courts consider the implications of my childhood reading. I better not mention Alf Tupper, the tough of the track, and his great rival or all hell will break loose.