Sunday, 15 June 2014

Orgreave remembered and the mixed up left

Yesterday saw the thirtieth anniversary commemoration of the 'battle of Orgreave' that bloody confrontation between the striking miners and the Government thugs in blue who attacked them on horses and with baton charges. 

The miners responded to the attack with a barrage of missiles and a counter charge but the BBC "accidentally" showed the footage in reverse order so as to make it appear that the miners had started the battle.

However, that is history now and yesterday's event was a peaceful and enjoyable affair with little or no bloodshed to report.

Strangely though to people like myself who took part in the happenings of thirty years ago, some lower life forms thought it appropriate to attend with their own political agenda.

Amongst the good humoured crowd there were groups of underlings who seemed to be of the opinion that this was an opportunity to further their Marxist ideology and ply their filthy, communist thuggery backed trade upon the punters.

Sporting the usual scruffs and hair that resembled knotted hemp, these Labour educated idlers spent their afternoon canvassing on behalf of the vile UAF and their Gable partners in crime Searchlight as if 1984 was a cause they cared about.

In fact, these two organisations are exponents of globalism, free movement of people, unemployment, benefit scrounging and parasitical existence at the expense of the hard working and morally accountable population that used to exist in large numbers in the UK before Labour's liberal fanaticism kicked in.

Their thrust of the day was to persuade attendees to sign a petition against UKIP; ironic by any step of the imagination as UKIP is a 'protectionist' party, just the opposite of the Tories who destroyed the last remnants of Coal Mining in Britain, policies that would have saved the jobs of hundreds of thousands of miners and the four times as many jobs in the supply chain to the mines.

So on the one hand they expect miners to support their global, socialist, immigration policies which forced the closure of most of the deep coal mines and on the other hand oppose UKIP while claiming to be on the side of the working class and unionism.

You can guess the response from the likes of my colleagues and myself who still bare the scars of 1984. 

Perhaps they were a little confused by their Orwellian education!