Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Ramadan a ding dong

Try as they may, our newscaster's attempts to brainwash the stupid and uneducated plebs such as me failed once again the other night.

Shortly after screening an item on Islamic jihadists murdering more innocent people in Kenya and other brief comments regarding Islamists (extremists) rampaging through the Middle East and the danger posed by those returning home, we were treated to a gathering of kindly Muslims in Leicester doing something positive and managing a smile.

The opportunity was engineered for a spokesperson to get in his punch line that Islam is "the religion of peace" so ignore the previous stories and relax, shall we?

Of course Islam is anything but the "religion of peace" and Ramadan is not a time for fasting and reflection as we were told by the traitor with the mike.

Ramadan is a time for renewing one's faith and commitment to Islam and a time for stuffing your face during the hours of twilight and darkness.  Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.

Islam is not a religion of peace at all but is a cult of murder and brutality that our cowardly politicians pander to for their own benefit. 

Muslims who do not adhere to the teachings of their prophet are not following their instructions as set out by their warlord and are not moderates, but are doing what they believe is right and proper for a civilised age.

Unfortunately, those who are currently touring Syria and Iraq on a mission to murder by beheading, crucifying, shooting and bombing are not civilised and have no place in a modern society.