Friday, 31 October 2014

South Yorkshire's unbelievable electorate

Why oh why do any of us bother?
The morons would vote for a pumpkin if it wore a red rosette.
Just one in every twenty eight forced themselves out of their armchairs in the Doncaster area to cast their vote.
Is it any wonder that children are abused, politicians fiddle their expenses and the Police do sweet FA?

I feel I must vote Labour next May because my great, great Grandma was a couch potato and she voted for them all her life.

Carry on Rotherham, you deserve the people you elect.

Friday, 10 October 2014

The Madness of White America

Figures released show that between 2000 and 2010 more than one million Africans emigrated into the USA, more than were originally transported there during the whole of the slave trade.
It is very likely that whites are now a minority and before long will find themselves living under imported ideas and cultures alien to their own, but does this make them stop and rethink their suicidal policies on immigration?

Mexicans pour over the border in their hundreds every day, Middle Easterners flee there to escape the horrors of home and yet once safe start demanding to have their own cultural lifestyles brought into play.

Just like Europe, the USA is now ruled by the globalist elite with their fingers on the self destruct button. 
No longer are small nations scared of the USA and no longer does the USA have the influence it once had, because it is now a nation in decline, thanks to its liberals and white hating self.

The loathing of whites by whites is the method by which leftists have destroyed the very fabric of society that they so thrived within and one day those same guilt ridden idiots will have their reward.