Thursday, 13 November 2014

Common Purpose or just diabolical liberalism

It has been brought to my attention that a 15 year old girl came home from school the other day and started a debate about religion and beliefs with one of  her parents.

She had been in class for a Citizenship lesson and during that well known anti-white, anti-
morality, propaganda exercise she had been told that our prisons are over crowded because foreign criminals are locked up when they shouldn't be.

The reason they should not be locked up is because the crime of rape is not a crime in their own countries of origin and therefore it is their culture or belief and they should be allowed to practice their beliefs and culture freely in our country.

So we have a complete twat teaching our children that being raped by a foreigner is not an offence really and he should not be punished because it's his culture or religious belief.

I shall be writing to the school shortly to demand he is sacked.

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Anonymous said...

Name and shame. The person is not fit to be a human never mind a teacher