Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Good morning America

It is said that no country on earth is more like the UK than Canada.  Is that a good thing or bad I ask myself, but I know deep down that of all the places on the planet the UK stands out. 

It may not be the most amazing geographically or have the weather we would all like but the one endearing factor is its people.

There are some beautiful wild places still and some fairly horrible towns and cities but to see the British villages with their quaint cottages, beautiful manor houses and picturesque churches all laid out in what appears to be a random fashion amongst the hills and streams, forests and moors is a sight to behold and cherish.

There are few places in the world outside Europe where architecture and tranquillity sit in harmony with a people of amazing temperament, kindness and tolerance and maybe that is our weakness.

It is automatic in the nature of western people to see the good in humanity and not the evil that lurks beneath the surface.

For those very reasons we are easily deceived and therefore exploited by devils in suits.

It is our trust in each other that makes us vulnerable to attack from inside and out so when we see our civilisation under attack we look to our leaders for guidance.

That is a grave mistake that leaves many of us in a grave. 

We are bombed, stabbed, raped and murdered by aliens on an industrial scale and still we accept the lie that it is purely a criminal act and nothing to do with culture or immigration.

Those that lie to us are servants of another God with another scheme for world domination and that God is money.

We all want it and we all need it but we don't need to pay the price being asked.

Our white European societies are the creators of wealth and beauty the world over and we do it with benevolence and friendship.

We rush to the side of disaster struck nations across the world at times of crisis and do not consider the religion or culture of those in peril.

However, we are facing an attack on the fabric of our societies and our cultures of freedom and tolerance by an intolerant and violent ideology that tries to deceive us through lies and propaganda.

In our hearts we know it but we are reassured by our traitorous leaders that everything is fine and we should accept this threat with open arms.

Our personal safety and civil rights are expendable in pursuit of this fantasy world they have planned for us and it's time we stood up and fought back.

Wakey, wakey USA and Canada, you are included

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