Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Je ne suis pas Charlie

As a proponent of free speech I have come into confrontation with our very own government controlled Police State and its useful idiots in the Council chambers and the Church. 

After producing a Christmas leaflet in 2011 that asked whether Christianity was under attack, which listed a few examples as to why I thought it was, as well as some points about the hypocrites in government who mourned the death of a Hamas terror leader, I spent seven months being investigated for inciting race or religious hatred.

This last weekend we saw the united colours of Marxism expressing their grief and pretend solidarity with the free thinking people of France and vowing to not surrender to terror.

Today Charlie is back on the stands with more religious offence to incite, with the backing of our free speech loving PM.

Why is this utter waste of space Cameron not being harassed by the Politically Correct Police for supporting a magazine that goes out of its way to cause offence?

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