Friday, 23 January 2015

The face of deceit in Britain today

Today in Britain we have seen the worst of those who rule us by deception and the power of money.

On the one hand we have witnessed the official faces of power expressing their sorrow at the news of the passing of Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah at the age of 90 with flags at half mast and sickening praise and words of grovelling to Islam from the Church of all people.

Let us remind ourselves that Christians are not allowed to gather in a church in the Kingdom of Oil, women are not allowed to drive or go out in public unaccompanied and that public beheadings of criminals is still quite common.  Saudi Arabia is also suspected of financing terror and promoting the ideology of terror through its support of establishments in the UK and worldwide.

Human Rights are not high on Saudi establishment priorities either.

Then we have the outpouring of grief for Leon Brittan who died two days ago at 75.  Brittan was instrumental in Thatcher's grotesque Cabinet that set about destroying Britain's industry and also went on to become a frontline traitor in selling out our sovereignty to the EU where he later served as a commissioner.  He was also suspected of 'losing' two dossiers relating to paedophile suspects within the establishment and I believe, even accused of rape himself at one time.

I'm sure he was loved by his family just like any other father and husband but the fine words that we've heard from our sickening superiors make me even more convinced that the whole lot are criminals, traitors and mental cases.

Thank you King Abdullah for the trade deals, the weapons you bought, the oil you sold us and the property you invested your wealth into here in the UK but not for being a friend we will miss.

Goodbye Leon and I must say excellent timing, just before any enquiry/cover up takes place.

Well done T May for delaying long enough.

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