Sunday, 18 January 2015

Two things to understand about Governments

One thing we already know is, they don't work on behalf of the people whom they represent and although they accept power on those people's behalf, they believe it is themselves who are all powerful and choose to deny democracy to the majority by giving minorities priority over the host majority.

From the moment of being elected, they try to bully, intimidate and deceive all opponents by lawful and unlawful means, sometimes changing the law to suit themselves.

Secondly they trumpet out a stream of lies repeatedly until the public at large are convinced they are true.

Immigration is beneficial to Britain is one such mythical tale they spew forth relentlessly, diversity is good is another, but the latest and most distasteful is that Islam is a great and peaceful religion.

Either they have never read a Qur'an in their lives or they think we will believe such outright lies if they repeat them often enough.

Of course, Muslims are a minority, as are Jews so whatever the majority think or say is automatically deemed as racist under their new laws, created to give minority rule.

Not to worry though because in the not too distant future, we Anglo Saxon types will be a minority and our days of  being persecuted will be replaced with favour and priority treatment.

Don't hold your breath though.  Those pinkish, four legged, mud loving farm animals might fly first.

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