Friday, 6 February 2015

That Idiot PR Man Cameron Is Leading Us To War

The Western nations of the EU, Nato, and the corrupt UN are busily engaging themselves in a deadly game of bluff and bluster with Russia and that stupid half wit of a Prime Minister is a leading voice among those who do the talking but not the fighting.

With pathetic little to throw at any conflict, he talks as though we are a power to be reckoned with when he has been responsible for the destruction of our armed forces to the point where they are useless against a proper enemy.

Goading the Russians and encouraging dissent in the Baltic states is all well and good until the bluff is called, at which point the worthless little runt will run squealing to the USA to save his skin while thousands of innocents will be slaughtered.

Military matters are best left to military personnel and any strategist would know that what Cameron and his traitor friends have done is degrade our defence capability to make us reliant on our EU partners.

That is one of many mistakes this fool has made, as our allies are never to be trusted, as history will reveal.

Spain is itching for a grab at Gibralter and the French only ever do what benefits them. 

Still, what would I know?

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