Sunday, 15 March 2015

Whistle blow at your peril

Despite the call for victims of sexual abuse to come forward and expose their abusers, whether in care homes such as Beechwood or the Elms Guest House, it's a risky option to take.

It is alleged that in Scotland, Robert Green accused the state of a cover up in the case of Holly Greig and found himself locked up, then put under virtual house arrest for a year before finally being given Community service and a lifelong gagging order covering the entire globe.

Where did the Scottish Court system acquire such powers to impose these rules on an English resident we might ask, and the answer is it didn't, it made them up.

In Nottingham, England, children's home abuse victim Melanie Shaw was jailed on the flimsy evidence of an arson attack on a neighbours shed and had her house forcibly broken into by the Police.

After her release she was continually harassed by the same force and eventually re-arrested on unknown charges, again having her home broken into in the early hours by the Police.

Following a secret court hearing she was detained in Peterborough Prison where she is being denied basic comforts and medication, with so far no explanation as to what she is charged with.

This is Britain today under the fascist state machine that is waging war on our rights, the Common Law and society in general as it protects its own associates in the 'establishment'.