Saturday, 9 May 2015

Election results 2015

Nationalists clearly didn't fair too well on May 7 unless they happen to live north of Hadrians Wall.

The predicted impact of UKIP on the Conservative vote seems to have prevented some voters from swaying to Farage's party out of the fear of letting Labour slip in by default.

On the other hand, UKIP's ex Labour voters do seem to have gone purple, kicking Labour where it hurts, in the working class white areas.

The Tory vote hadn't changed significantly from 2010 whereas Labour's and the fake 'middle of the road' Lib Dems took big hits from the equally fake 'right wing' UKIP support.

Other smaller parties seem to have suffered the UKIP effect too, probably because the 'right' vote saw UKIP as the only party that could have an impact this time around.

The Scots are no longer propping up the socialist Labour elite at Westminster and it may be a long time if ever before Labour can threaten the Tories.

In the meantime we need to consolidate what we have left and build for next time. 

Perhaps parties such as the English Democrats should call it a day and put their efforts into building a more united opposition to the established parties.

The BNP membership should also be considering their options after another dismal performance.

Our sympathies go to Cathy Duffy though for her commitment and sterling efforts over the years.